Hayles in advanced stage of cancer recovery

June 29, 2020

Former national goalkeeper Donovan 'DV' Hayles, who suffered a heart attack before being diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2016, credits the Almighty God for his miraculous recovery and says that his trials were just a means of getting him closer to the Father.

Hayles, who currently resides in the USA, declared a little over a year ago that he was almost, if not, totally cancer free, and during a live Instagram interview with Harbour View General Manager Clyde Juriedini recently, he noted that is so far into his recovery that he only visits the doctor once a year.

My guidance and light

"I must give thanks and praise to the Almighty God. He has been my guidance and light throughout this time. To my Harbour View family, it was wonderful, the love and concern showed and the encouragement to be here. But the Almighty God has brought me closer to Him through these trials and tribulation," he said.

"The experience that I went through was about bringing me closer to the Father. He answers every prayer and I'm a living testimony to what God can do for us. So I must say to my family, it was great the support that was given to me and the love that was shown, and it shows what a wonderful community we are from."

He continued: "But even friends outside the community, teammates, players, opponents, some who were friends in our national team, Carl Brown, Carlton 'Spanna' (Dennis)."

"I am doing well, quite well. I have been to the doctor and now he says he only wants to see me once a year; and once a year is good enough. But I know it is the Lord that pulled me through, so He is the one I speak about every day," he commented.

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