Simpson, Beckford keeping safe

March 19, 2020
 Keithy Simpson
Keithy Simpson

The Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) has been suspended and most players are practising social distancing and self-isolation since word of the first confirmed case of the coronavirus broke last week. Waterhouse FC captain Keithy Simpson says although they miss the league the main focus right now is to 'keep safe'.

"When you don't have the chance to do what you love the most it's kind of mind boggling, but with the virus in the country we cannot really be in contact with anybody. Everybody is trying to keep safe. This (football) is our job and we have to keep in shape. If time passes and we are clear of the virus, we would want to be in shape to play the next game, so my teammates have been working out at home and keeping in touch with the coach and management staff, team doctors and nurses.

'We have enough info'

"The Government and health sector are trying to feed the country with proper information on how to keep safe. We have all the information we need so we just have to follow the guidelines and do what is necessary to stay clear of the virus. We are praying for everyone to keep safe, follow the necessary precautions and avoid any form of contact because you don't know who has it," he said.

Nevertheless, he believes that when the threat passes and the league is ready to restart, Waterhouse will be ready to resume where they left off.

"We are trying to keep a positive frame of mind and keep in good shape, so that if it is God's will when the league returns we are ready for the next game.

At Waterhouse we are family so I don't think it will disrupt us. We communicate a lot and since I have been at Waterhouse, that has been the way of life," he said.

"As a nation we will get through this, as we have been through worse," he added.

Meanwhile Mount Pleasant Academy's star striker Kemar 'Bushy' Beckford says it is best to stay indoors for now.

"This virus has stopped a lot of things but I keep my body fit and I train every day. I try to avoid being on the road and do in-house training," he said.

"We see this (COVID-19) hurting a lot of people and families, so the (football) clubs must be careful about this virus because it is very dangerous. I wouldn't want to see any player or staff member hurt by this virus. We just hope it runs off very soon and we can restart (league) because I really miss my friends, coaches and fans," he said.

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