Selectors need to save for ‘rainy days’

March 19, 2020
Boom Boom
Boom Boom

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, cancelled gigs have put a dent in the earnings of many artistes and selectors.

But as they make adjustments to cushion the effects of the financial fallout, two of the industry's most prominent selectors have come forward to highlight the importance of saving.

In an interview with THE STAR, Boom Boom said that the outbreak has affected his hustle "big time".

"Weekly events nah keep, shows overseas get cancelled. Me never experience anything like this before. And everything is happening so fast, it's like you nuh get time to settle or put any plans in place," he said. "That's why me always tell my co-workers fi save fi rainy days, innu. Me always a tell dem expect the unexpected because some things will pop up weh cripple yuh movements."

Boom Boom said that there is no timeline as to when things will return to normal, and as such, "if dem never have nothing put dung, God go wid dem, innu".

"By the help of God, wi a guh up and running again, innu, but in the meantime, a savings nuff a we affi go rely on," he said.

Tony Matterhorn suggested that people would struggle because "is who buy up things and put dung a guh survive".

"Suppose the whole island fi go under quarantine? A survival mode wi affi go inna. Nuff people see di crisis a come and never even go buy food. And some couldn't because dem never have it. That's why we always affi save. A savings a go keep nuff people yah now."

But while they admit that people should have been making preparations for unforeseen events, both selectors are urging those who can offer assistance to others, to do so.

"Right now, we human side affi kick in and we help out each other. It's not a matter of who have and who nuh have at this point. We just affi put together and help out in this crisis. A yah so we a guh see how mankind can pull together and overcome this," Matterhorn said.

"If you can help a man, den help him. Nuh watch nuh face, because the only way we survive this as a people is if we work together," Boom Boom said.

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