Flyght takes big chance - Heading on UK tour despite coronavirus

March 16, 2020

Come Friday, the 2018 Magnum King of dancehall Flyght, formerly known as Bluugo, will be heading to London for his first tour of the UK despite the continued spread of the coronavirus.

"I am a bit scared because I've been watching the news and a research and I realise that this thing is real bad, but the hustling goes on," he told THE STAR as he prepares to embark on his Cut Dem Off tour.

"People affi remember say when you ask for permits and stuff to go these places they have a time frame and it wouldn't be in the best interest of everyone who invested to put off everything. I don't want something that could greatly help my career to just go with the wind like that. So unless I have to cancel, I won't cancel. Me nah just give up pan diss because this is my opportunity to promote Jamaica and my music to a big audience," Flyght said.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness is advising against non-essential travel and said that he will not be approving any such travel for members of the Cabinet or the public sector.

The number of coronavirus infections in the UK is just under 1,400 with 35 deaths recorded as of yesterday.

Flyght said he will be taking every precaution to protect his heath when in the UK and will quarantine himself upon his return to the country.

"A lot of people are on their Ps and Qs trying to survive this thing here. So me did a wonder if it worth the risks and I think it is best for me. Everything is a risk enuh, and I don't mind staying home for the 14 days when I come back, if it means having a successful tour," he said.

"Most a the shows out here a cancel and a postpone anyway so more than likely me a guh deh home anyway. We just affi pray to God and ask for protection every step of the way. My fans are looking forward to seeing me so I'm going there to showcase what this Jamaican artiste has to offer. I'm going to lift the banner of dancehall and reggae music and if people wah call that stupid, so be it. At the end of the day a man affi do weh him a do. A me a pay my own bills," Flyght said.

Flghyt is expected to perform shows in more than 30 cities in London, Leicester and Birmingham. He is set to return on April 6.

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