Different stories, same purpose for DJs Unknown and Jevon

February 25, 2020

With Ian Miles, more popularly known as the Container Boss, as their chief, it would be a disappointment if DJs Unknown and Jevon were anything less than the life of the party.

Miles is known in the entertainment space for hosting some of Kingston's hottest events.

His deejays, therefore, have a mandate to fuel any and every party, and they make it their duty to always satisfy in this regard.

Although the duo has only been working together for a year and a half, once they position themselves around the turntables, their synergy is immediately evident.

The stories of their genesis into the music are different, but they both love what they do.

DJ Unknown said he used to play football and is a certified coach, so when he started doing music, "nuff people ask me, 'Weh yah go wid dat, man? Yuh nuh see yah baller'."

"One a me fren dem did have a cook-out some years ago and me go round deh a mess around the sound and talk some things pan the mic, and she look pan me and tell me say me sound great and me must take up music," he said. "Me tell her say, "No man. Dat nuh my lines. A football a my thing, but she keep another drink-out and invite me, and from there, me really start think about the music because every time she a keep something, she call me."

He chose the name DJ Unknown "because me a say nobody nah go too follow up the name".

"But everybody start say Unknown and get curious. But me start and people start tell me say me can dweet," he said.

DJ Jevon always had a love for music, so much so that he used to sneak out of his mother's house to attend dance sessions as a teenager.

"When me go in back, me get beaten, and dem thing deh. More while, me sleep over all me fren yaad because me nuh wah she know. Early time, me used to deh round di sound, and di man dem used to run me and say, 'Mind police come see yuh round the sound, likkle boy'," he said. "But me did just love it. At the end of the day, mi mother did just affi live wid it because she see say a weh me love. Me nuh have no other trade or nothing at all, a just the music."

Together, they are known as Road Karma. They are so in tune with the music that 'building jugglings' for events isn't their thing.

"We naturally have it, innu. If a three selector deh a di dance, we watch weh dem a play and read the party inna our Road Karma way. We know how fi bring the vibes to the people. We always go in wid a vibes weh fi lift up the place. Our juggling nuh lame and boring," said DJ Jevon.

DJ Unknown added: "Me know more while me say certain things inna di dance and people think me a throw words at them, but it's just natural, comedic talk and it make the party nice. Me is a MC weh walk the crowd, listen to weh a play, and read the party. We do some things other selector nah go do, play some songs weh some nah go play. Das why we say Road Karma because we always come wid something different."

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