Searching for my family

June 26, 2020

Dear Pastor,

I don't know any of my family members.

I was told that I was found on the sidewalk in Waltham Avenue, off Waltham Park Road, as a baby, with a name tag on my arm that said 'Thomas'.

I was told that there was a big yard on Waltham Avenue, where a man was living with a woman who had children for him. So those person could be my parents and the children could be my siblings; the rest of my family is out there.

I'm not sure of my birth year. Someone told me 1967; I was also told 1970. My mother was probably interested in tracking me. I believe that is why she left a tag on me with a surname.

I got the full name Devon Stewart from my adopted father. He died in 1978 while I was still a little boy. I spent the rest of my childhood at a place of safety and a boys' home here in Kingston.

The family counsellor at the Family Court on Duke Street, downtown Kingston, was the superintendent for the boys' home I grew up in. I urgently and truly want to find my family.

Please help me to do so by publishing my letter in your column of THE STAR. Pastor, a fake dad tried to get me once and his information was incorrect.

God bless you and please help me to find my family.


Dear D.S.,

I can imagine that for all these years you have been hoping that you would find your relatives. I know you thank God for the one who found you by the roadside and the family who raised you.

God protected you while you were on the roadside as a baby. Although many years have rolled on, it is not impossible for God to perform a miracle and bring to light the information you so desire to have.

I prayerfully publish your letter in hope that I would hear from a relative of yours or those who know about you situation. I would immediately contact you if I have information from anyone.


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