Weh Dem Up To: Stylysh vows to keep going despite ‘industry politics’

August 16, 2019

Dancehall artiste Stylysh gave a brief but scintillating performance at last weekend’s Summa Sizzle, held at the Woodleigh Sports Complex in Clarendon.

Her energetic set, which saw her performing some of her most recognisable songs, refreshed the memories of some patrons who had seemingly forgot that at one point, Stylysh was poised to become one of the leading females in the business.

The entertainer said she believes people have been ‘sleeping’ on her talent and that she has to constantly remind them of her potential.

Stylysh, who rose to prominence after her stint on Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall, managed to score a few hits with songs like Wife A Road and Are You Ready, her collaboration with Vybz Kartel.

She took some time off music when she found out she was expecting her first child back in 2016.

Since the birth of her daughter, the entertainer has been wanting to ease back into the groove of things but says that has been a challenge.

She says she has seen first-hand how ‘politics’ in the industry can block some artistes.

“The system set a way more while weh even though people know yuh bad, dem still nah gi yuh di run, dem put on who dem wah put on, and push in who dem wah push in,” she said. “Honestly, sometime it make me feel a way, but me just use every closed door as a motivation and continue do weh me a do and pray and gwaan fight the fight, because we know one day we a go get back da break deh weh we did get.”

Currently promoting her latest single No Replacement, Stylysh admitted that bookings have been few and far apart. But she believes things will improve if she keeps moving forward.

“This business is not for the faint of heart, yuh affi be determined, and I am nothing if not persistent,” she said. “I do get frustrated more while, but I just keep pushing. Right now, the amount a songs weh me have fi release, it nuh normal, because it’s like me just take out all a me frustrations inna the studio.”

Stylysh lamented that the music business has grown accustomed to highlighting mediocrity over talent.

“Yuh have some people weh just come in and dem aim is to hustle the business, and more while dem get the opportunity. That’s why the music business so shaky more while. And the people dem weh really wah fi make a career in this thing get push aside and overlooked,” she said.

Still, Stylysh remains steadfast in her pursuit of music.

“Me know say my time a go come so me just deal wid it. Das why me sing the song God Alone, cuz more while a him me look to and talk to, and me just get assurance seh everything a go aright,” she said, pointing out that things have already started to look up.

Come next week, the artiste will embark on her first tour of England. She has three shows across different cities, including Birmingham and Manchester.

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