Landlady’s dead husband chased me out of the house

May 21, 2020

Dear Pastor,

You might remember that three weeks ago I wrote to you about my landlady who wanted her rent even though I was laid off from work.

Three days after I wrote to you, I figured out that my landlady liked me. I slept at her house for two days and her late husband, who died one year ago, chased me out of her house.

I couldn't sleep for days and I heard strange noises in my apartment. I moved and now I am staying with my relative.


Dear S,

I understand what you are trying to say. The landlady and yourself became sexually involved and you believed that her deceased husband was very upset. So, his duppy decided to 'mash up' the relationship between you and this woman.

This is a real duppy story, but I believe you have written to me with an honest heart. What you have not said is how this man's duppy ran you out of the house and at the same time he was making noise at the apartment that you rented from this woman.

What the duppy might have said was, "Boy leave my woman alone. Find money and pay the rent." You must have been very happy when this woman was ready to entertain you, but her husband's duppy was not pleased at all.

With all seriousness though, I hope that you will be able to pay the woman her rent although you have moved from her house. Otherwise, her husband's duppy might follow you around. Don't take me seriously on this matter.

I don't believe that the dead have any power, but I am teasing you because obviously, you believe that they do.

Whatever the woman gave to you for the two nights you were with her cannot compensate for the rent you owe. I wish you well.


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