Fire on Pope - Views on same-sex civil unions condemned

October 23, 2020
Pope Francis
Pope Francis

The Jamaica Coalition for a Healthy Society (JCHS) is calling for the removal of Pope Francis, in light of his support of same-sex civil unions.

Dr Wayne West, chairman of the JCHS, said Pope Francis' comments go against Christian and biblical teachings.

"I am not surprised that Pope Francis came out this way, and it represents something that is completely reprehensible, that is against the teachings of God. Hopefully, the Catholic Church will re-establish itself and get a Pope of the order like Benedict to replace this gentleman who seems to be a reprobate," West said.

On Wednesday, Pope Francis publicly announced that "homosexual people have a right to be in a family" and called for the creation of a civil union law for them.

But West insisted that homosexuality is a sin, as cited in the Bible, and that people involved in the act should repent.

"There is no reason for the Church in Jamaica, or the Catholic Church, for example, to follow a reprobate like Pope Francis. His comments do not affect Jamaica's views on the matter," he said.

Best welfare of society

Reverend Dr Al Miller, pastor at Fellowship Tabernacle, said the Pope's position is "inconsistent" with the Scriptures "and the best welfare of society and its development".

Miller said that, although the LGBT community would welcome the Pope's view, there is no indication it will have serious implications on Jamaican legislation.

"I don't know if it is affecting the position of the majority of the citizens of our nation. It is something that we believe is not the best way to go for this society, and therefore we will continue to stand to oppose it as a way of life to be approved for society," he said.

Miller said that while individuals are free to make their personal lifestyle choices, those choices must not be forced on the rest of society, if they go against the norms and lifestyle of the society.

"The Church is speaking to principle and whatever is contrary to individuals' best interest is therefore against the teachings of Jesus," he said, adding that the Church continues to speak to all behaviour "that is not in the best interest of human development".

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