Teenager needs help for surgery

March 25, 2020
Young Jordan Allen suffers from scoliosis.
Young Jordan Allen suffers from scoliosis.

Thirteen-year-old Jordan Allen suffers from scoliosis and is in dire need of surgery. His mother, Doreen Allen of New Hall in Mandeville, Manchester, said the surgery will cost her $1 million, and is to be performed at the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH).

Allen said she first noticed a lump in Jordan's back when he was four years old. She took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with scoliosis. He has to use a wheelchair and he does not go to school.

"He does not go to school because he can't walk, and if I send him I have to get somebody to take him to the bathroom," the mother said.

"It affects me a lot because him see other kids going to school and him say him want to go school, and when him know he can't go, him get upset and it make me so sad sometimes," she added.

The $1 million being sought is to pay for the cost of pins and other supplies that will be required for the surgery. Allen told THE STAR that she is unable to come up with the first penny. She said that her son's condition has caused financial strains on the family as she had to discontinue her job as a shopkeeper to care for him.

"Him can't move around. He can brush his teeth and feed himself, but he can't go bathroom by himself 'cause him cannot walk," she said.

Allen said her son has missed two critical appointments at the Bustamante Hospital for Children because she did not have the money to travel from central Jamaica to Kingston.

"Jordan is a jovial likkle boy, him nuh make nutten trouble him. Sometimes him say 'Mommy, me nuh make nutten worry me. You see like how me cyaa walk, me nuh make nutten trouble me.' Me used to feel down sometimes but a him cheer me up. Me used to cry and fret a lot but him say 'Mommy, nuh worry'. "

A Mandeville-based charity organisation founded by Karsea McLarty hosted an initiative to help fund Jordan's medical fees and has launched a GoFundMe to support the cause.

Persons who wish to assist may contact Jordan's mother at (876)510-4689 or donate to his GoFundMe account. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-us-help-jordan-walk-again?

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