Nicki Minaj’s shout-out encourages Pamputtae

September 08, 2021
Nicki Minaj

Pamputtae is used to naysayers and critics after a decade and a half in music.

But as she gets into the groove of putting out more visuals to accompany her songs, the dancehall entertainer has been receiving support from top names in the global music industry, the most recent being Nicki Minaj.

"Ah somebody tell me say Nicki Minaj follow me, and me question how she follow me, and me nah nuh blue tick [on Instagram]. Although me know me a big, bad artiste and a put in the work from long time, it still puzzle me, because nuff people pay attention to that little symbol," Pamputtae told THE STAR. Pamputtae said that the acknowledgement is the next step to her receiving the verified badge on the social media platforms.

"Nicki Minaj showed me some real love, and so I reached out to tell her thanks for acknowledging me, and then she replied by telling me say Advertisement a fi har favourite track. I make sure use the chance to put all the positive energy in the air for a remix," she said. "Then she say, send me your email and make me send you a drop. Me frighten fi hear har a say a Pamputtae season now when me listen the recording. It was unbelievable and anybody woulda wonder; when you hear the name Nicki Minaj, is a queen that, and if she can acknowledge me, mi haffi question it, because of my status; and memba people did a talk say me nuh hot or me nuh have nuh hot song."

Pamputtae explained that since marshalling a presence on social media, specifically Instagram, she has been approached by individuals charging her impractical amounts of money to help with the verification process.

"I signed up for it on my own, the first time I got back a message; the second time, I didn't get back anything," Pamputtae shared.

With all the endorsement the dancehall singjay received for her singles Advertisement and Da Wine Ya, she anticipates her music will gain more recognition in the digital realm and

help push her name to a wider audience.

"Ah six years ago Demarco produce Da Wine Ya fi me, and me always a say this, 'Music nuh live a nobody yard;' is just for us to do the work and put it out in the world. Me just want tell

the young artiste dem, don't give up and continue work through all the roadblocks, because you never know what tomorrow might bring," she said.

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