Recording artiste banking on sea moss

August 20, 2021
Jay Bankz
Jay Bankz
Jay Bankz
Jay Bankz

Moving from studio into the streets and then on to stages on a daily basis can drain an artiste, both physically and mentally.

In his own hectic lifestyle, up-and-coming reggae and dancehall artiste Jay Bankz realised the benefit of drinking sea moss.

"It is good for the physical and mental health of human beings, whether you're an artiste like me that's always working, or a stay-at-home mom dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities, you will see the difference when you consume a juice blend mixed with sea moss, or Irish moss as we call it back home," the artiste told THE WEEKEND STAR. "When I have it, I know I feel filled and I have researched that it is an effective meal replacement."

Jay Bankz, given name Jason Daniels, who studied for a degree in chemical engineering at the University of Technology Jamaica, saw an opening in the food and nutrition market, especially in New York where he is currently located.

"I have friends that have spent up to US$45 on a bottle of sea moss juice," he said. Hence the birth of Irie Natural LLC, a line of nutritional juices combined with sea moss, that also promotes wellness.

"I made the decision to tap into the knowledge I acquired in university, plus did some research, using books from my now ex-wife, who is a naturopathic doctor, and officially started the company in October 2020. Also, my first job when I migrated to the US [in September 2010] was actually at a juice bar," he said. "There is a niche and sea moss is a trending topic in the health and wellness community. Nowadays, as soon as you search for something too, it starts showing up everywhere, and for me, it was sea moss which prompted my business venture. I love making smoothies and juices with all types of flavours with it, knowing it is helping someone."


The artiste-turned-entrepreneur depends on Irie Natural and also sees where he is connecting more with the Caribbean diaspora as he is also the brand ambassador. His recent performances include the 59th West Indian Independence Celebration in Hartford, Connecticut, with Freddie McGregor and the Big Ship Family, as well as the Summer Fest in Stratford, with Alkaline.

With several songs receiving airplay, Jay Bankz is now preparing to unveil a campaign for an upcoming EP.

Jay Bankz shared, "The next single I am releasing, Baller, produced by Jungle Jesus Entertainment, will be part of the tracklist. I continue to write music and study the topics that I know will resonate with a wide audience."

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