‘Sex fi adventurous’ - Ishawna defends raunchy lyrics from new song

September 22, 2020

Dancehall artiste Ishawna has always embraced her risque image and raunchy lyrical content, and has done so again in her latest collaboration with fellow artiste, Teejay.

The track Mood has been causing quite the buzz on social media with one line in particular turning heads.

In the song, as the pair sings about their sexual escapades, Ishawna tells Teejay to ' push yuh c**ky inna mi nose hole'. The line has inspired a number of memes as social media users declared 'Ms Legendary' was too much for them to handle. But in an interview with THE STAR, Ishawna defended her lyrics, pointing out that it has become customary for her to 'talk di things'.

"You know girl nuh fraid fi talk. I could have said something that's been said before. Mi coulda say put your c*** inna mi throat hole but everybody say dat. Put it inna mi nose hole because guess wah, when it sweet yuh, yuh want it everyweh," she said. "Memba a mi say throw me chu window. Mi festive bad because a so sex fi adventurous."

The Equal Rights singer said she doesn't understand why so many listeners are quick to bash her when she sings about sex.

Dem just ignorant

"Why are they so upset about the topic of sex? I don't know because a sex bring all a we come here. I just think some a dem just ignorant fi mi too because mi stay good. If mi did stay bad nuff a dem wouldn't care," she said. "But I don't really care about them, mi just do me. Mi nah do music fi di people dem weh nuh like me, mi a do music fi di people dem weh enjoy me and them people weh can relate to me. Di woman dem weh wah hear weh mi have fi say. Music is about expressing yourself and everybody might not relate to what I'm singing but there's always someone who will."

Ishawna also opined that there is too much hypocrisy in music. She said that some consumers like to lash out at her and other risque artistes for raunchy content, yet when they produce more holistic material, it barely gets any recognition.

"I have so many other songs covering so many other topics but it's (sex) what the people gravitate to. I put out music and people gravitate to what they want. Mi have songs weh mi a talk bout schoolgirl and a encourage the girl dem fi stay in a school, mi have songs weh a tell di man dem fi stop beat up woman and so many other topics. But when I do sing about those topics, nobody talks about it," she said. "At this point, mi just feel like yuh nuh affi listen if yuh nuh like the songs dem weh mi a put out. Look how much other artiste out there. Yuh have gospel artiste, righteous artiste, yuh have conscious artiste. Go and listen to them. I don't care about who don't want to hear what I am saying. Mi sick a dem. Dem just deh pan my back so, no sah."

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