I’m Only Human - Sikka Rhymes raises voice against racial injustice

July 13, 2020
Sikka Rhymes
Sikka Rhymes

DJ Lux Records recently teamed up with Gaza vice-president, Sikka Rhymes, to release a single aimed at raising awareness on issues stemming from racial inequality. The track titled, I'm Only Human, was released on July 3 and sees Sikka Rhymes asking not to be judged by the colour of his skin or the circumstances in which he was born.

Sikka Rhymes said his reason for doing the song was to show that black people have a voice and would not allow it to be silenced.

"As black people we have been mental captives of the system for too long. We have a voice and we must let it be heard. As a musician, I not only have a voice but a platform to let that voice be heard. I have a duty to speak out against injustices in our country and globally," he said.

DJ Lux told THE STAR that based on all the conversations now happening because of the Black Lives Matter Movement, the track was not only timely but necessary.

"We are right on time with this message because the world is on fire right now. The Black Lives Matter movement is causing a lot of people to pay more attention to issues of racial inequality and we have seen changes happening gradually because of these conversations and protests. As music professionals, we also have a duty to bring awareness to the issue with this platform and so we want the oppressors to be aware that musicians have a voice and we are committed to using it for a good cause," DJ Lux said.

He added: "You won't get a girl to twerk to this song but there is a time and place for everything, and right now, in wake of what is going on with black people all across the world, I have facilitated Sikka Rhymes message in saying 'give black people a fair shot because after all we are humans too."

I'm Only Human is featured on a compilation album called the Testimony Rhythm. The music video was shot and edited by CVE and directed by DJ Lux.

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