Squash sets sight on Grammys - 6ix Boss says he is busy working on album

February 25, 2020
6ixx Boss Squash
6ixx Boss Squash
Squash’s (right) album-in-the-works, Mr Whittaker, features a collaboration with 6ixx member Chronic Law (left).
Squash’s (right) album-in-the-works, Mr Whittaker, features a collaboration with 6ixx member Chronic Law (left).
Dancehall artiste Squash
Dancehall artiste Squash

Dancehall entertainer Squash says he has avoided the spotlight because he has been busy in the studio adding the final touches to his debut album for the past month or so.

"The album needed that dedication," Squash told THE STAR, "So along with social media, I took a step back from everything to prepare this album, which is very personal, for the loyal 6ix fans. "

Squash, whose given name Andre Whittaker, said that he is targeting the Grammys with the album, which is titled Mr Whittaker.

"That's the whole aim of the album. We have diligently worked on this project for it to be up to Grammy standards. We intend to submit this album and continue waving the flag of our culture and music. Dancehall or reggae, whichever they want to deem it, it represent Jamaica, it represent 6ix," he said.

Mr Whittaker is joint venture between 6ix is Real Records and VP Records. Squash said it will have at least 14 full-length tracks with a variety of songs appealing to each market.

Young superstar Koffee, 19, won the Best Reggae Album award for her Rapture EP at the 62nd Grammys in January. "This one is for all of us, this one is for reggae, this one is for Jamaica," she said on accepting the award.

"I want to congratulate Koffee on her big accomplishment which is a major milestone for the dance hall/reggae genre - representing our culture," Squash said as he too sets his sight on one of the mega awards.

When asked if the Grammy Awards should consider a separate category for dancehall music, especially with its impact globally, Squash said, "Whether people want to call it dancehall or reggae or trap dancehall, tropical house of the Jamaican sound it represents work coming out of our island and that's alright with me."

Personal contribution

Meanwhile, the 6ix Boss said that the inspiration for the album came from fans and his brother, G-Man.

"And a big part of what is inspiring to me, is my personal contribution to the genre and waving the flag of our culture through modernised dancehall sounds," he said.

He anticipates that the title contemplated for the album, Mr Whittaker, will make a statement, but also because none of the tracks have been released.

"It will only have brand new music from me and couple other artistes; a collective effort of world music sounds with a strong dancehall influence, so persons can look forward to hear a little bit of trap dancehall, afrobeat, hip hop and then our authentic local music. The album is an indicator of many things to come most definitely. 6ix out here and we have lots coming up this year," he said.

Production houses and producers such as Shabdon Records, Hempton Music, Atto Matic Records, Sky Bad Records, YG Records among others have contributed to the album. It has collaborations with breakthrough entertainers Daddy 1 and Chronic Law, who are of the 6ix and is anticipated to feature a song with an international artiste who Squash said he wished to keep as a surprise.

However, it has been rumoured that one of the acts may be popular British rapper, Stefflon Don, who was featured on a remix of Beat Dem Bad, a collaboration with Squash and Vybz Kartel.

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