Sikka Rymes pays tithes to church

January 10, 2020

Sikka Rymes says he is a God-fearing man who regularly pays tithes to the church. The 'Stay Strong' deejay, who is the cousin of imprisoned artiste Vybz Kartel, believes that the grace of God saved him from death after he was shot three times last December by criminals.

He said that while he was in the hospital he prayed for healing, and was at times joined by prayer warriors who came to his bedside.

"I am grateful for them [church members] who pray with me. And even though I don't go to church regular, as a youth me always go and when me nuh go now, me still give me tithes to throw," he said.

Tithes refers to contribution made to the church, which is normally one-tenth of a person's earnings.

"Some people may think me nuh know place of worship but is not like I see the church and turn me head the other way, walk pass it," Sikka Rymes said.

According to the Like I'm Superman artiste, if one thing helped him throughout the ordeal, it was the prayers that went up. Sikka Rymes was riding his motorcycle in St Andrew, on his way home from a stage show, when a car pulled up beside him and the occupants fired shots at him. He received one shot in his back that exited his chest, and the other two shots in his right hand and knee.

"Yuh done know, nothing beat prayers, it awaken the blessings and mama put it inna me fi seh prayers at night and morning. She took it hard because I'm her one son, but she know a just badmind," he said.


The near-death experience has caused Sikka Rymes to alter his outlook on life.

"Me start to pree life more; to take on the road on a different level. Like with the bike lifestyle, going forward, me a lowe it out and be more safe," Sikka Rymes told THE WEEKEND STAR.

He continued: "There is no reason to fear still, if you have fear you won't make a move, but I feel like I was not vigilant and I need to be even though I am not on the road now, I stay inside resting."

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