‘Ice won’t harm the vagina’ - Doctor says Team Spice’s ‘Cool It’ stunt is safe

May 09, 2019
Dancers pour ice on Spice as she performs ‘Cool It’.
Dancers pour ice on Spice as she performs ‘Cool It’.
Shaka Pow
Shaka Pow

Dancehall's leading lady Spice and her dancers, TC, Dancing Rebel and Pretty Pretty, are known for incorporating props into their set. From the sheet to fire, nothing has been off limits for Team Spice as they execute crazy stunts on their way to delivering exciting performances.

But when the artiste and her dancers began using ice cubes as their most recent prop, persons have expressed some concern about whether or not the use of ice was medically safe.

While doing the choreography for Spice's Cool It, the dancers often throw ice cubes on to their vaginal area. However, some social media users have questioned whether or not it was safe for the dancers to be pouring buckets of ice on to their private parts while dancing.

Although the practice might seem odd, medical doctor and recording artiste, Garth 'Shaka Pow' McDonald, said that while it may seem 'unsafe', the dancers' actions are completely harmless. He explained that because of the short time that the ice is being used by these dancers, the act is not a cause for concern.

"From a OB-GYN perspective, the brief moments that ice is used should not cause vaginal harm. Unless the ice water is heavily contaminated with bacteria or if the woman is very sensitive, it should be harmless," he said.

He added: "The brief exposure to cold will most likely cause no temperature related injury."

The doctor also explained that ice is often used as a natural coolant after rough sex.

"Ice does act as an anti-inflammatory agent which could decrease swelling, rubor (redness), calor (warmth or heat) and dalor (pain). I understand the association Spice and her dancers have made because the lyrics of the song speaks to the act of 'cooling' that area down after sex," he said.

McDonald said that although the act of pouring ice on to the vaginal area is harmless, the dancers should be wary of their surroundings when using these props.

Using one particular video to drive home his point, the doctor explained that ice and water should never come into play with electrical equipment. In the video he spoke of, Spice and her dancers were performing on stage surrounded by speaker boxes and electrical wiring. He said that aside from the water possibly making the stage area slippery and unsafe, the mixture of ice, water and electricity could be harmful.

"I advise, therefore, that when doing the dance and using these props, the dancers stay clear of electrical equipment," he said.

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