Nine-year-old dies of suspected suicide

November 20, 2019
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene


The community of Mason Hall, St Mary is now in shock following the suspected suicide of nine year old Jaden Grant.

The incident occurred on Monday night.

Reports are that Grant, a student of the Port Maria High and Preparatory School, was at home with his father, when he left his dad and went into a bedroom.

When his father didn’t see him return after a reasonable period he went to investigate.

The police say his father found him hanging from a window with a baby receiver blanket around his neck.

Efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful.

The St Mary Police say investigations are ongoing.

Meanwhile, in Parliament yesterday, Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips said he was saddened by the news of the suicide.

"We in this House have a responsibility to correct those experiences," he said.

Several children were in Gordon House for a special sitting on violence against children.

Yesterday marked 30 years since the Convention on the Rights of the Child.



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