Shane E not interested in clashing with Unknown Gringo

August 16, 2019

Dancehall fans eager for a lyrical showdown between Shane E and Unknown Gringo shouldn't hold their breath, as Shane-E is not interested.

This is according to his manager, Denise Smith, who says she does not even know who is Unknown Gringo.

"Shane E doesn't have the interest or energy to answer to...who you said this is again? I have no idea who that is," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

But Shane E is au fait with Gringo, as he has tagged the fellow Montego Bay act in an Instagram post.

Shane E suggested Gringo is talentless, using a Digicel Rising Stars clip where judge Anthony Miller demolishes a contestant.

"Shane E is an artiste where once he has something to say, he goes online and says it to whomever directly, and people can recall that in the past with artistes he has called out. Everybody would have heard Shane E call his (Gringo's) name on live if that were the case," said Smith.

Unknown Gringo, however, is not backing down, claiming Shane E has been dragging his name through the mud for several years.

So Gringo put his cards on the table with the diss track, Gringo, released on Monday.

"We're not friends from a long time. Him a call up mi name inna di streets and always want a fight, and now we give him one and him a hide," he said. "Him claim him a di baddest artiste, so show Jamaica then; him not even know how fi perform."

Gringo is still awaiting a response to the song.

"Him fi just answer the song, and we're gonna put him under a lot of pressure so he will have to answer," he said. "I have one more song I'm going to drop and the words a go affect him, so him haffi come good. This is music, nothing physical."

Ironically, both artistes recently inked corporate deals with Charley's JB Overproof Rum, but Gringo does not believe this spat will affect his new ambassadorial role.

"I'm working for JB, I'm not working for Shane E," he said. "If JB has on a show I will perform my duties, but me and Shane E nuh link at all."

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