Shamara Spencer making the creative moves

September 25, 2020
Shamara Spencer
Shamara Spencer
Shamara Spencer
Shamara Spencer

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about dancing in the rain." This lesson expressed by Vivian Greene rings true for local dancer and choreographer, Shamara Spencer.

Bringing pure artistry to movement by playing on the over and under belly of dancehall beats to produce fiery routines, Spencer has not let the restrictions of COVID-19 blur her creative 2020 vision. With quite a number of unreleased projects this year alone, dating as far back as January, she considers them to be some of her best work yet.

Her most recent project release includes choreographing the music video for dancehall artiste Jada Kingdom's new hit song, Budum. She told THE WEEKEND STAR, "The moment I heard the song, I knew I was going to have a fun time creating. I made the routine just a few hours before rehearsal."

She loved working with Twinkle, and thoroughly enjoyed what she described as the very funky and festive set. "Jada and the dancers were receptive to what I taught them. They executed in a short time frame, which was even more impressive."

As far teaching dance classes go, the major shift to the virtual world has summoned nostalgic moods of face-to-face studio life. "I miss interacting and exchanging energy with my students on a physical dance floor," she said. But she did argue that the pandemic does present its fair share of perks, one of which is the ability to reach international audiences and students, without setting foot on foreign soil, or them risking their lives to come to the island.

"Dancing with students across the globe via Zoom has been great. I've had some very consistent students who even message me on a regular day for advice. This pandemic has given me the chance to connect with students who don't have the chance to travel to Jamaica, and that was special for me," she revealed. Places like Japan, Hungary, Spain, The Bahamas, Chile and Los Angeles are just a few of the places in which her students reside.

Seeing creative direction as another artistic passion, which pairs perfectly with choreography, Spencer is looking forward to releasing projects that require her active participation behind the scenes as a director of movement and choreography, rather than being on screen.

"I would love to see dancers take a more aggressive approach to their careers where contracts are concerned. To ensure that their booking requirements are met and to let their clients understand that they mean business," she defended.

In addition, she hopes to appeal to more corporate brands and build partnerships in the corporate world. And cannot wait for the re-emergence of live performances.

Spencer continues to live by her mantra and encourages others to do the same. 'Breathe in. Breathe out. Inspire.'

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