Bwoy pickney a get weh wid murder

July 29, 2019

Dem seh the hands that rock the cradle rule the world, which speaks to the integral and pivotal role mothers play in the lives of their children. However, it seems like some mother a rock too much and not equipping their children with the necessary survival skills and go-getter attitude, especially when it come to di bwoy pickney dem.

This problem is also exacerbated by many fathers being absent and a stressed-out, hard-working mother having to figure it out all on her own. Many of these absentee fathers only show up to beat his chest and enjoy the accolades of the finished product after the mother has done do her best with sometimes very little.

However, some a di mothers dem pet and pamper dem boy pickney too much ... much to their detriment. Boy inna house not working, not going to school, not looking a trade or helping out with household chores. Dem just get up, eat, bathe, play video games and complain about life. The sad part is, they don’t realise that they are part of the problem.

The mothers are very strict on the girls, but di bwoy dem get weh wid murder. When the mother dem spot wutlissness and non-ambition in their sons, many of them try to cover it and shield them. Dem seh tings like, “Lef him, mek him stay, me will look after him... a my belly pain”.

Dem no push dem son fi go look it and learn how to be a provider, hard worker and a thinker. Some mothers do absolutely everything for their son and when the son find woman him is a proper ‘tufenkeh’ who cannot function and contribute positively to a relationship. As a matter of fact, the woman who get dem don’t really get a man, she get a big son who is not looking for a partner or his equal but a maid, someone who is the extension of his mother who bruk him bad!


Some mother no believe seh bwoy pickney fi do housework because it will tun him inna ‘maama man’. The irony, though, is that if a man no have no qualifications and no ambition, chances are is a woman him haffi go depend on, straight, and is dat time dem a go tun worse the ‘maama man’.

It is important to give our boys love and create an environment in which they can grow and flourish, but sometimes the existence of a safety net is to their downfall. I guess because some of the mothers so in love with the father, dem no firm with the boys none at all. Many a look to them son fi come mine and tek care of them, so dem ‘fraid to correct their son because he is their pension plan.

Just like how mothers are stringent on girls, dem need to extend it to their sons; if not, we better start invest inna some adult Pampers, because a pure big son ago deh ‘bout. What if the mother eyes close how him a go manage himself in the world? It is important not to love a child so much that they are robbed of essential survival skills and ways in which they can enrich the live of someone else and the country.

Mothers need fi stop bruk the wutliss bwoy pickney dem bad! Some have no interest to work because dem have dem mother pay cheque fi depend pon. Train boys to become men, and try as best as possible to have positive male role models around.

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