Children need proper parenting

July 15, 2019

Being a good parent is arguably the most important job in the world as parents shape the minds and lives of the men and women of the future.

Nuff Jamaican man have a style to neglect and abandon their children when dem an the mother are no longer romantically involved.

These are the same men who, after the mother struggle and fight life with the children and dem past the worse, want come claims pickney like dem have any clue how dem survive and reach to success.

Let me say this unequivocally: Money is not the only way a father or mother can play a part in the life of a child. Many mothers are guilty of using fathers as ATMs.

Some women wrongfully tie access to children to how much money the man can give.

Money cannot and should not be the only consideration. A man’s presence – helping with homework, providing discipline, going to parent-teacher meetings and having a healthy relationship with their child – is equally important.

On the other hand, it takes cash to care and it cannot be that mothers are expected to find the money by any means necessary while the man sits down like a dry-land tourist!

A man providing for his children is not out of the ordinary. Him supposed to do it!

I will praise all outstanding fathers who try dem best to provide for their children, but di one dem who not even a move a muscle and want get ‘Father of the Millennium’ fi get reintroduce to his mother’s womb! Stop big up dutty man and give them accolades they don’t deserve!

No father or mother mustn’t get big up for forsaking their children, and then dem come with a little half-dead story and think all is forgotten.

We should forgive, but we surely won’t forget, and persons should forgive in their own time. There are many damaged and wounded adults walking around today because of the neglect and abandonment of their parents.

Let us break the cycle by trying to choose a partner who is not wutliss and one who exhibits maternal and paternal instincts.

No matter what, especially in this day and age, if you want to be present in your child’s life, you can be.

Children don’t want excuses; they want results from the people who brought them into this world!

Tek care a unnu nice, clean self and have a productive week. One love.

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