The Gargamel’s still got it

March 18, 2019
Buju Banton performing at his Long Walk To Freedom concert held at the National Stadium.

Mi seh story come to bump Saturday night at the National Stadium wid di return of the Gargamel!

Buju bring Christmas to Jamaica in March as the road and people dem did busy, and hotels and Airbnb book right out!

Is like everybody who lef fi dem part a world fi come a di Buju concert. I can safely say it was worth every minute of it!

Mi never see stadium ram so from mi born and everybody was waiting with bated breath.

The artistes that were chosen enriched the occasion and even though mi toe dem still numb from standing all night, an mi hip and back a hurt mi, when mi see Buju walk out in him full white, mi feel like mi did want get inna spirit!! The entrance, the flow and his energy was spectacular!

Some people a seh all now him no really apologise wholesomely for what he did and though I believe accountability is important, so is redemption and second chances.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone! A man or woman haffi tek responsibility for their actions and choices, and he spent eight years locked away for his transgression.

It is important that we are too quick to cast aspersions against people just because fi dem sin different from us!


Buju’s performance was unequivocally stellar! Him voice still deh deh, him waistline still have it in deh and, of course, that radiant smile! Tears and laughter flowed freely at the Long Walk To Freedom concert.

The only problem mi have wid stage show, is that yuh have some people who are inconsiderate and indisciplined. Yuh have some people who no think about other people and encroach on others.

Dem no understand seh fi dem freedom mustn’t be at the expense of others. People who smoke fi have an area specially designated to dem, both the one dem who a smoke di ‘ciga-death’ and the ganja!

Dem drunk yuh di whole night wid di dutty smoke and no buisness if smaddy want have asthma or an other respiratory illness.

Mi naa stop nobody from mash up fi dem throat, but mi no want help fi mash up mine! Maybe the next time mi a go mi walk wid a gas mask, cause mi will class dem up! Den dem breath is so pungent, that it all lift up mi wig!!

It was a historical and epic event, one that will be talked about for years! There is the release of Nelson Mandela, the election of Barack Obama and the performance of Buju Banton on March 16.

When di Gargamel buss Driver, it was pandemonium!!

It was worth the wait and he definitely delivered, and people get dem money’s worth!

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