Did pastor give her bad advice?

August 16, 2019

Dear Pastor,

I am very much concerned about a certain decision that a pastor made. This member is not giving her husband sex because he is committing adultery, and the pastor told her it was okay not to have sex with him.

But, I want to know why the pastor said that to her and if what he said is in the Bible. Why didn't the pastor tell her that her husband and herself should use a condom whenever he asked her for sex, to protect herself? Tell me your views on this.


Dear M.B.,

Who told you that was the advice of the pastor to this female member? Are you the female member? I doubt that any woman would listen to such an advice from any pastor who tells her that she should not have sex with her husband because the husband might be having sex with another woman.

Such a woman should know that she can protect herself by using the condom.


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