Good turnout expected for One Love Football match

February 25, 2020

Bob Marley One Love Football match chief organiser Clive 'Busy' Campbell said he is expecting a bumper crowd at this year's 39th staging of the event at the Harbour View Stadium tomorrow at 5 p.m.

The teams for the one-day event are Media and Entertainers, Masters and Celebrities, Christian Ambassadors, and an all Rastafarian team by the name of Iritical Cush. Anthony Fairclough and Lloyd James are this year's honourees for the event.

Campbell said admission to the event is free.

"I am getting the vibes and people what to come out and enjoy the afternoon and I believe that it will be good," he said. "I want all loving football fans to come out and support the event because it is not costing them anything.

"We are going to do some raffles during the day to generate some funds. We are asking everyone when they are coming, if it is just a dollar, just drop it in the box that is provided at the venue."

Sports Development Foundation general manager Denzil Wilks said the body is happy to be associated with the event as the main sponsor.

"I have always known about it, but this is the first time that 'Busy' has really reached out to us and we basically welcomed him," Wilks said. "In fact, we looked at all the things he is doing and we recognised how critical it is and we decided to come on board.

"The board of directors was very happy to join because they see it as part of the whole process of intervention and development, those are the things that we are trying to focus on."

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