December 03, 2020

'2020' to go down in hail of fire

Frustrated people are being given the chance to vent their rage about 2020. Angry individuals can travel to a field in Northamptonshire, UK, to take out their fury on abandoned cars with a tank and some shotguns in a unique opportunity offered by Scrap Car Comparison.

The chosen few will launch a hail of bullets at a scrap car emblazoned with the word '2020' before crushing a whole load of vehicles at the wheel of a 56-tonne battle tank.

Psychologist Dr Saima Latif thinks that the form of rage therapy could be beneficial for some.

She said: "Certain individuals find that relieving tension in an overt physical manner is much more therapeutic and a form of stress relief that works better for them.

"This is known as 'Destruction Therapy' and it does allow people to relieve stress within a controlled environment."


UK's coronavirus rules mocked with beer

A landlord is offering a pint called 'Substantial Meal'. Brett Mendoza, the landlord of the Caxton Arms in Brighton, has launched the "hearty, filling and flavoursome" ale to mock the UK government's coronavirus rules.

Brighton is in Tier 2 according to government regulations, meaning that pubs can only serve alcohol to accompany 'substantial meals'.

Mendoza admits that he has been shocked by the reaction to his cheeky move.

He told the local newspaper, The Argus: "We were talking about what a substantial meal actually is.

"So I printed this off as a joke, attached it on top of one of our other beer pumps and posted it on social media.

"Next thing I know it's been shared thousands of times, I don't even know how many people have seen it now.

"It took off way more than I thought it would."


Santa chooses jet skis over sleigh

More than 150 Santas boarded jet skis to break a Guinness World Record. Some 156 people donned Father Christmas outfits and took to the seas in Queensland, Australia, in a bid to become record breakers and raise money for a local charity.

The festive jet skiers topped the previous benchmark on 129, with the event generating over $10,000 for charity Christmas Presents for Kids in Care.

Jane Rushton, who sported a festive hat for the event and was joined by her husband Jack, was delighted to give something back in the unique record attempt.

She told 9News: "We paid to do it to give to a charity for children who don't get presents because they're in foster care or foster homes."

Charity founder Jane Padden said the money raised from the event is "huge" for the small fundraising group.


Man falls neck-deep in poop

A suspect ended up "covered in cow poo" as he tried to flee police. The man - a passenger in a suspected stolen car - ended up "neck-deep in a pit of slurry" as he attempted to evade arrest by Sussex Police.

The force posted on Facebook: "This passenger of a stolen car thought he could get away, but it turned out not to be his lucky day.

"Eager to evade and fleeing in a hurry, the suspect was eventually arrested, neck-deep in a pit of slurry.

"Thanks to determined officers a rescue ensued, and they all ended up safe, but covered in cow poo."

Social media users didn't miss the chance to poke fun at the slurry-covered suspect.

One poster wrote: "He thought he could make a clean getaway."

Another added: "Gave yourselves a 'pat' on the back eh!"

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