Cops not giving up search for Jasmine Deen

December 03, 2020

By March 2021, Police Commissioner Major General Antony Anderson says the two persons who are in custody in relation to Jasmine Deen's disappearance could be charged with murder. These persons of interest are 40-year-old Tamar 'Braff' Henry of Bull Bay, St Andrew, and 36-year-old Gregor Wright. They have been in custody since April 24.

Henry and Wright were charged with possession of identity information, eight counts of unauthorised access to computer data and simple larceny, after being found with items that belong to Deen.

"We have not found her whether alive or dead up to this point. And although those people are in custody, it will take a year ... just over a year for us to apply additional charges like the charge of murder to these persons," Anderson told THE STAR.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Fitz Bailey told THE STAR that without a body, no murder charge can be made before a year has passed.

"We can't take any action until after one year. To make an assumption for argument sake that the person has died, we don't have any body. So, we have to wait one year," he said.

Seen since boarding a taxi

Deen, a visually impaired student of the University of the West Indies, has not been seen since boarding a taxi after leaving school on February 27.

According to the Offences Against the Person Act, whosoever shall kidnap a person with intent to hold him against his will for ransom, to cause him to be unlawfully sent or transported out of Jamaica against his will, or to hold him for service against his will, shall be guilty of a felony and, being convicted thereof, shall be liable to imprisonment for life with or without hard labour.

Meanwhile, Anderson says significant police assets are being used to try and locate Deen.

"We'll continue to reach out looking for other leads, looking for bits of information. We have not left it as a cold case. We're still working on it. We have two people in custody that we got into custody pretty quickly, just following up on a number of leads and also using some electronics in that process to find them," he said.

- R.L.

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