‘We cannot sit back and do nothing’ - Blaine fumes at video of boy smoking cigarette

September 23, 2020

Child advocate and founder of Hear the Children's Cry Betty Ann Blaine said she is imploring the relevant authorities to join forces with Crime Stop Jamaica to offer rewards to apprehend persons who abuse children.

Blaine was speaking in regard to a video being circulated of a child puffing a cigarette, much to the delight of a male who could be heard cheering him on in the background.

"This is where they should look into linking with Crime Stop to offer rewards to people for information for the identification of the community or the home that the child is from. We cannot sit back and do nothing or just wait on information to drop into our hands. We have to treat these matters like any other criminal matter," she said.

"Today a di dawg birthday, eno, man, and a high di dawg high today. Puff it, man," the male was heard saying in a part of the video.

The youngster was then offered a bottle of what is assumed to be an alcoholic beverage. After taking a sip, he went back to smoking.

The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) has since stated that it is seeking the public's assistance in locating the child.

Blaine, however, wanted to know how many of these child-abuse cases are investigated successfully. She said that the outcomes are rarely shared with the public.

"Myself and others would really want to know what are the end results of these cases. We would want to know if persons are being charged for these crimes and what level of urgency is being placed on matters like these," she said.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact the CPFSA at 888 776 8328 or WhatsApp them at 876 878 2882, or contact the police at 119 or the nearest police station.

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