Caring cop carries on despite pandemic

September 22, 2020

Corporal Andrew Williams' acts of kindness have not been halted by COVID-19. If anything, his efforts have been proved to be more beneficial to more Jamaicans during the unprecedented pandemic.

Last November, Williams told THE STAR that he started the Positive Initiative non-profit organisation in 2012, in an attempt to foster kindness across Jamaica, and create an ideal world for his daughter to grow up in. Williams could be seen in shops or supermarket, paying for a random person's groceries out of his pocket. While COVID-19 has halted those pop-ups,, he has employed a new approach and is offering more necessary items during this period.

"Given the constraints, I'm not doing the islandwide tour. I carry things with me. So, I have things in my car and if I'm driving pass persons who I feel are needy, I stop and probably give them packages," he said. "I got some toys as well for when I see kids ... they are kinda frustrated as well, because they can't see their friends and school is not open."

Williams has decided to offer more food items due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I'm doing like rice, flour, mackerel, baked beans ... things that are more practical. I'm trying to provide a meal for two or three days for somebody," he said. "It's sacrifice. That's just it. I believe that whatever is being done now, I may not live to see it being reciprocated to me, but I have a daughter. And my only hope is that whatever kindness is being done now, the Lord sees it fit to put on her life."

Heart-warming responses

Williams, who is stationed at the Community Safety and Security Branch headquarters on Oxford Road in St Andrew, says he's getting more heart-warming responses from the persons he has been helping during the pandemic.

"It is not as though they weren't grateful before, but they are more grateful now because of what is in it. The conversation now is 'thank you for providing a meal'. Before, it was 'thank you for the gift'. I think they are more appreciative because of what is in it," he said. Williams stressed that he is following all health ministry protocols, even as he carries out his goodwill.

"I sanitise regularly, I travel with sanitiser and Lysol in the car an mi always have my mask on. I try to travel with extra masks too, so in the event that I see somebody without a mask and I'm giving them something, I give them a mask as well. They need to be protected as well," he said.

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