Disabled man living on sidewalk

August 31, 2020
Allen shows the news team the shed he calls home.
Allen shows the news team the shed he calls home.
Allen longs for somewhere to call home.
Allen longs for somewhere to call home.
Earl Allen
Earl Allen

A soiled diaper and empty plastic bottles were visible when the news team visited the location where 68-year-old Earl Allen calls home.

For the past several months, the senior citizen has been sleeping in a tiny shed located on a sidewalk on Olympic Way, Kingston 11.

He sells cigarettes, but it was close to noon and he had only made $60. Allen, a construction worker, said he fell on hard times after he lost his leg to diabetes last year.

He exhaled deeply as he spoke about his present condition.

"Mi really no have anything right now. Mi really wa likkle help. Is sit I sit up in the wheelchair and sleep a night-time and di mosquito dem bite me up, and night dew fall on mi because the shed nuh have nuh roof," he said. "When rain fall mi get wet up. Mi other foot hurt mi sometimes, and mi back, too, probably because mi siddung up and sleep. Mi foot get really bad and a dat's why mi end up in the hospital, because the flies pitch on it and round mi nuh clean, so bare germs."

He added, "Mi wasn't like this, eno. Mi used to could a manage because mi have mi bed and mi stove, but mi nuh have nowhere to put dem."


Neighbours told THE STAR that Allen used to live elsewhere but was forced to move.

"It wasn't really because he couldn't manage to pay the rent, but he couldn't help himself. Him use to mess up the yard, and the landlord say him can't bother with the argument with the rest of the tenants dem, so him ask him to leave," one resident said. "Because him can't move fast, by the time him fi reach the toilet him nasty up di whole place."

In addition to urgently needing a house and basic necessities, Allen also badly needs a wheelchair. The one that he also uses as his bed is dilapidated and uses parts of a plastic chair as its seat. He stated that he has not seen his children in years, and hopes that they will make an effort to get in contact with him.

"Him bredda dem come and say dem a go try get him in a home, but dem say nuh space nuh deh deh, but him really need some help. Him can't live so. He doesn't have any contact number for his two sons, so dem probably nuh really know what a happen to him," a neighbour said. "Food is not really an issue because we all make sure say him eat food; but mi nuh think him a eat the right things and a it make him probably a get sicker, because we can't afford to buy the tings that a diabetic needs."

Persons wishing to assist Earl Allen may contact Nicole at (876) 296 7319.

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