Part of mi lost - Furniture maker loses workshop in fire

March 17, 2020
Davis searches through the rubble.
Davis searches through the rubble.
Lester Davis speaking with reporters after fire destroyed his workshop.
Lester Davis speaking with reporters after fire destroyed his workshop.

Arnett Gardens resident Lester Davis said all of his hard work and livelihood went up in flames early Sunday morning after his workshop was destroyed by an angry blaze.

His eyes welled up with tears as he rummaged through the rubble, searching in vain for any items that were spared by the fire.

The furniture maker told THE STAR that he has searched numerous times, but always comes up empty-handed.

"Right now mi don't even have a screwdriver leave so mi don't know how mi a go restart. Mi forget mi phone and mi ID and TRN inna mi work pants whe mi leave the shop, and the one time mi figet it, dem burn down the place. Mi really wah know if a salt mi salt so because mi is a hard-working man and mi nuh trouble people," he said.

There is no official word on the cause of the fire, but some suspect foul play.

One resident said that it was the quick action of others that prevented other homes from being engulfed in flames.

"Is a good thing corona(virus) deh here and dem put water in the pipes why other house never catch afire because normally nuh water round here," she said.

Lost work tools

In the yard on Fifth Street, where Davis has been operating his business since 2000, lay badly charred tables, dressers, chairs and other furniture.

All of his work tools including machinery items were also burnt to shell.

"Yesterday (Sunday) when mi come and see the place, part a mi lost. It take mi over an hour to go in the yard because mi couldn't believe although mi a watch the youth dem take out the burn up tings dem. A whole heap a people give mi dem tings to fix and mi don't know how mi a go buy them back. A just Saturday mi buy up some new material and look deh. Thank God nobody nuh come ask mi for dem tings yet," he said.

The father of five said he would be grateful of any assistance as he does not see it possible to restart his business on his own.

"All a mi kids dem small so a me dem a depend on and now this. This is all the work mi know and mi a hard-working man, enuh," he said.

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