Man dies at Westmoreland 5k event

February 24, 2020

The annual staging of The Manning's School 5K Road Race ended tragically yesterday morning, when a participant collapsed and died suddenly before completing the race.

The deceased is Norris Rainford, operations manager at the Westmoreland and Hanover branches of the National Housing Trust (NHT).

Reports from the police are that shortly after 8 a.m., Rainford and other participants were taking part in the annual event, at The Manning's School in Westmoreland, when he suddenly fell and was rendered unconscious.

He was rushed to the Savanna-la-mar Hospital, where he died while being treated.

Principal of the school, Steve Gordon, told THE STAR that the school community and the entire Savanna-la-Mar were saddened by the sudden passing.

"We at Manning's are still in shock as to how sudden he passed, and we are yet to hear what really resulted in his death. But we have been sending condolences to his family since the incident occurred," he said. "We know the staff at Manning's is in shock, and also the staff at NHT are still grieving over what happened."

"Rainford was participating in the 5k road race, which is an annual event that the school has been hosting for the past three years, and this is not the first instance where he has participated," he added.

Gordon said that Rainford was an executive member of the school's Parent Teachers' Association, and had been with them as part of their extended family for some time.

"You cannot find a more genuine and nicer person, and we are absolutely deverstated over his sudden passing. We are now eager to see what the post-mortem examination results show as a reason for his death," he said.

The police say they are carrying out investigations, but are also awaiting the post-mortem in order to move forward.

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