She tell mi seh she sorry - Dancer involved in fatal accident apologises to victim’s mother

January 27, 2020
Roxanne ‘Bumpa’ Evans
Roxanne ‘Bumpa’ Evans

The mother of Roxanne 'Bumpa' Evans, the dancer who died after suffering injuries during a routine last Wednesday morning, said the other performer in the ill-fated stunt has apologised.

Olive Clennon said that Momo, the dancer who landed on her daughter, visited her.

"(She) tell mi seh she sorry an that she neva mean fi jump pon Roxanne, an that she intend fi jump ova har but she fell pon har," she said. "Mi listen wha she sey but a still don't known what to do, because Roxanne done dead already, and seet deh now, she dead lef har two pickney dem."

Clennon told THE STAR that she had told her daughter to give up dancing and find other employment.

"But she neva listen to mi, and seet deh now, a dancing kill har," said Clennon. "She love fi dance, a pure dance she dance. When she a cook and even wen she a wash, she a dance."

Meanwhile, other residents in Rose Heights, St James, where Evans lived, are still trying to cope with the death of the 27-year-old, who was well-loved.

News of the accident

She recalled that early Wednesday morning, someone called with the news of the accident. Her daughter was rushed to Lucea Hospital.

"We rush to the hospital same time, but when we reach, she caa talk to nobody, all she could do is shake har head and the doctor dem tell mi seh har neck bruck inna three place," she said. "Honestly, mi neva know seh she woulda dead because the doctor dem did a seh she need some piece a iron inna har neck. Dem tell mi fi go pay some money and by the time mi pay the money, dem a rush har to Falmouth Hospital, so we follow dem to the hospital."

She added, "Thursday we up deh and get the shocking news from a doctor seh she dead, none a wi couldn't believe it."

Clennon pleaded with other dancers doing 'dangerous moves' to stop.

"It don't mek sense fi know seh a simple dance can cause yuh life, and dem need fi stop the head top and flick over dance wha dem a do," she said.

But one dancer, who gave her name as 'Peach', told THE STAR that the stunts the dancers were doing that night were nothing new.

"Bumpa work wid a group a girls name Gladiator Girls an some tings wha dem girls do wen dem a dance, yuh woulda shock fi know," she said. "Momo just nuh judge the thing right. As far as mi know, Bumpa and Momo a fren dem, but sum people a try seh the girl do it pon purpose, and dem need fi stop it."

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