Jamaican patty for US$17.50 at Super Bowl

January 23, 2020

When the Super Bowl LIV weekend kicks off next month, Jamaica will be 'represented' both on and off stage.

On stage, Koffee, Squash and Shenseea are set to heat things up at the inaugural Viewtopia Music festival; and, in the concession stands, Jamaican beef patties will be sold for US$17.50, that's J$2,432.52.

According to sports and culture blog, Barstool Sports, Caribbean-seasoned Jamaican beef patties tossed in chilli lime salt will be available at food stands at the Super Bowl.

Since the announcement on Twitter yesterday, social media users have been weighing in.

"Jamaican beef patties are fire flames, but $17.50 is highway robbery," one user, Rian Lefevre, posted.

"Yuh haffi pay big price fi a false patti??! Mi nuh stay so," another said.

Then, social media fans began speculating about the cost for a cheese patty or the popular beef patty-cocoa bread combo.

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