Son stabs father to death

October 28, 2019

A man was stabbed to death yesterday morning in Capital Heights, St James, during a dispute between his son.

The dead man has been identified as 54-year-old Archer Luke Scarlett, unemployed, of Iris Close, in Capital Heights, Green Pond.

His 38-year-old son has been taken into custody.

The police reported that shortly after 8:30 a.m., an argument developed between Scarlett and his son at their home.

Minutes later loud noises were heard coming from the house, and the son later walked outside covered in blood, allegedly shouting "Mi tired a it now, mi tired a it".

He informed the neighbours that he had stabbed his father and they should call the police. He then walked from the yard.

Multiple stab wounds

The police were called and upon their arrival, Scarlett was discovered lying on his back inside a bedroom, with multiple stab wounds to his upper body.

The scene was processed and the body and the murder weapon, a large kitchen knife were later removed from the scene.

The son later handed himself over to the police, and reportedly confessed to killing his father.

A resident who gave his name as Danny told THE STAR that he had known Archer for years.

"Archer nu stop bother the youth, an a long time wi a warn him fi stop molest the youth. Him go prison and come back, and from him come, is like him tek a set pon him own son an waa drive him outa the house," he said. "Wi nuh seh the youth fi kill him, but wi know seh him tired a tings yah now. Wi notice seh the youth all start go a church an a try fi live a decent life, but Archer jus won't stop terrorise him and see deh now the youth stab him, kill him. "

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