Keshan had big plans - Family struggling to deal with death of young entertainer

July 22, 2019
Late singjay Keshan
Late singjay Keshan

On Friday, budding 24-year-old entertainer Keshan made plans with a relative to spend Saturday together.

One of the things they would have probably discussed was her plan to launch her small business soon. However, her entrepreneurial plans will never be realised, as she was killed in the wee hours of Saturday morning during a dispute with her boyfriend, who is a licensed firearm holder, in Old Harbour, St Catherine.

"We would talk every day, and we would share ideas that would benefit her business. She was in the process of getting her stock of human hair and lashes, and in addition to that, she had big plans of continuing with her music career," a family member said.

Keshan, whose real name is Kenneisha Brown, was known for songs such as Bubble Yu Body and The Goods, which she recorded with incarcerated dancehall star Vybz Kartel.


Reports from the Old Harbour police are that during the dispute, Keshan threw several stones into her boyfriend's car before stabbing him several times. According to the police, the man discharged one round from his firearm, which hit her in the upper body.

According to the relative, Keshan was shot by her boyfriend, who she had accused of cheating.

"She has been with this guy for some time now. He told her he was no longer with this other woman, which she had believed because he stayed by her house sometimes and vice-versa. But my understanding is that he has been living a double life and was denying both women to each other. Keshan found out he has been doing this and went to see him. He wasn't at home, and she went to see if he was at the woman's house, and he was there," she said.

"They got into a fight and she smashed his car glass, and they continued to fight, and she got shot. He then drove her to the hospital where she died."

The relative said that the family is now trying to come to terms with the death of the entertainer, who is described as lovable and humble.

"She was very humble and caring, and she don't ever speak much unless she was really comfortable with you. She was really a shy girl, but once you get to know her, you would love her," she said.

- S.M.L.

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