Single father goes the last mile for his children - Wants help to ensure they get best education

June 14, 2019
Leroy Thompson and his daughter Valena.
Leroy Thompson and his daughter Valena.
Eleven-year-old Valena Thompson is a top-performing student.
Eleven-year-old Valena Thompson is a top-performing student.

Leroy Thompson is trying to give his two children the best life he can, but his job of selling bag juice on Cooke Street in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland, makes it a bit difficult for him to do this.

The single father told THE WEEKEND STAR that what he earns from selling bag juice is barely enough to provide the basic needs for his two children, 11-year-old Valena Thompson and seven-year-old Levan Thompson.

"People ask mi how mi dweet and how mi send dem go a school. Dem neva stop. As long as school open, dem going. Sometime a $100 mi give dem fi share fi the two a dem, and yuh neva know if dem hungry or not," he said.

He said he starts selling in the mornings at 9 a.m. after he drops off his children to school and returns home at 2:30 in the afternoon to prepare dinner for his children.

He cannot comb hair, so he pays a hairdresser $1,500 every week to help groom his daughter's hair. But he claims to be very efficient when it comes to washing and ironing.

"When yuh talk bout washing, yuh talk bout all four line a clothes. Right now mi wouldn't mind if mi cudda get all a likkle washing machine. Mi wudda wash on Sunday and iron the five uniform dem," he said


"Mi nuh go out, mi nuh keep whole heap a company. A just mi and mi kids dem alone. If yuh come a mi yard, you nuh see no one else," he added

Thompson said he has been taking care of his daughter since she was three years old, and took his son from his mother three years ago.

"Mi affi just do weh mi haffi do because as a father, I'm not the one to let them down," he said

Thompson's daughter is doing very well in school, and this makes him proud.

"Dat little girl hold up her head. From she was in grade two, she reading grade five level. For five years straight, a first and second she a come," he said

But he's disheartened that despite his best efforts, he's unable to buy textbooks for his children. He said that his son has great potential, and he thinks he will one day match strides with his bright-sparks daughter.

"The little girl love to stay home and read. She read a whole lot. But mi can't even maintain the book part because some a di time mi get the book list mi haffi just put it one side. Mi proud a her. Dats why mi haffi reach out fi find some help fi see if mi can help her more," he said.

Persons willing to assist Thompson can contact him at 876-318-8771

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