My kids are my biggest accomplishments - Manchester man remembers raising offspring alone

June 14, 2019
Uriel Shaw
Uriel Shaw

These days when 62-year-old Uriel Shaw sits on his verandah at his home in Heartsease district, Manchester, and thinks about his accomplishments in life, his four children are at the forefront of his mind.

They're all grown up now and pursuing different careers, but Shaw remembers the days when he was responsible for raising them.

Shaw became a father 39 years ago, but the emotions he experienced then are still fresh in his mind.

"When I realised that the mother was pregnant, I did not know what to expect. I was a bit scared. Once the child was born, it was different. I realised that I had to start making provisions for that child," he said.

Ten years and three children later, he got separated from the children's mother, and he had to take on the job of being a single father. He told THE WEEKEND STAR that at that time, his children were still young but he was determined to be a good dad.

"My first daughter went through Bishop Gibson High School in Mandeville, and it was when my second daughter was going through and was in her final year that they recognised that these children were coming to school with only a father present in their lives," he said, adding that his children were never late.

While taking care of his four children, Shaw told THE WEEKEND STAR that he was also playing the role of stepfather to four boys who lived in another parish.

And even when he struggled with certain tasks, Shaw still found ways to overcome them.

"The first daughter, when mi plait the hair, they laugh after mi seh mi plait it pon the wrong side, so mi catch it up. Most of the times she would have gone to school with it catch up until she was able to do it herself," he said.

As he proudly talks about his children, he shared the secret to his success as a single father.

"I believe in giving them some space and time to themselves to prove that they're able to obey," he said

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