A MODEL DAD - Single father works overtime for his children

June 14, 2019
Kenrick Spencer with his 
stepdaughter and three of his four children.
Kenrick Spencer with his stepdaughter and three of his four children.

Kenrick Spencer is well-known in his Effortville community and it has nothing to do with the negative activities that the area is often highlighted for.

The 36-year old is not only known for his exemplary role as a father to his four children, but also the way he cares for the children in the community.

A taxi driver by profession, Spencer plies the Effortville to May Pen route. He said that he hardly ever leave any children behind, and often carries them in his vehicle for free.

"Once space inna mi car, mi can't see anyone pickney an leave dem a road. More time mi pick dem up and mi counsel them too. All the girl dem, mi make sure tell dem to leave the man ting alone and focus on dem education. Mi always tell dem say if a even five subjects them should get so dem can start life," he said.

Spencer has four children, three boys and a girl. He also plays a fatherly role to a two-year-old girl, who is the sister of one of his sons.

Spencer said his day usually begins as early as 4 a.m. and ends any time after 11 p.m.

"Is not all the time I have it but if is even tea alone, mi a give dem with a little lunch money. When tings get hard, mi just make dem know say things soon better. A evening time when mi a come off di road mi make sure carry in a little ting for dem too, because you know say after dem eat dem dinner, them will want a little thing," he said.

Children's mothers

He told THE WEEKEND STAR that he maintains a good relationship with both of his children's mother, but saw the need to be a single parent for all four children because he wanted to 'guide' them.

"Mi yute dem a grow and yuh dun know say when dem have a fadda behind them, dem just have to listen, especially the boy pickney dem. A just the other day mi have to take way the bicycle from one a dem and have it a drive round in the trunk of mi car. Is test time now and mi want him pass every subject," he said.

"This Sunday, mi nuh think me a go work the road, mi a go just stay home and cook and chill with the kids," said Spencer, while adding that he would be happy if persons could assist him to buy a car as the one he now drives is in bad shape.

Myrtle Roy, justice of the peace for the Effortville area, said Spencer is an outstanding resident.

"Everyone loves and respects him. Alley Cat, as he is affectionately called, will carry a passenger even if they have the fare or not. He is a great father ... he just needs the help," she said.

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