Weekend Escape: Caymanas River ... Sometimes sour, sometimes sweet

April 18, 2019
The beauty of the Caymanas River is often spoilt by crime in the Caymanas Bay area.
Children having a good time in the Caymanas River.
The entrance to the Caymanas River in St Catherine.
The beauty of the Caymanas River is often spoilt by crime in the Caymanas Bay area.

Among the requirements when visiting Caymanas River in St Catherine is to have good suspensions and front-end parts for your vehicle. It is not an easy road to the river as one will surely encounter a very rough and dusty stretch along the way.

When THE WEEKEND STAR visited the attraction last week, a small group of children were enjoying a dip in the crystal clear water, while a few women sunbathed on the rocks. The adults were too shy to speak to the media, but the children offered wide smiles at the camera while showing off their swimming skills.

A man, who stood on the banks, threw his fishing line with the hope of getting a catch, but he was to have no such luck.

“Nuff time the fish dem out man, but today a just not my day. Over here nice, but the place waah clean up and ting. It is because it’s a week day why over here no full up a people, but on weekends over here nice man,” he said.

The area, in recent times, has been plagued by robbery, and this has caused many would-be visitors to avoid going to the spot.

“Mi naah go tell no lie, no man naah go rob none a the visitor dem, but every now and again you will see man kick off over all three bills ($300) more time. It no look good at all. Aside from these little foolishness, over here nice man. Mi all see man propose to him oman over yah, and dem ting deh.”

“A nuh all the time dem charge to go in, so more time over here pack, and unlike the beach, a whole heap a tree deh yah ... Everything natural,” he said.

There are benches and tables scattered along the riverbank for those who want to relax and watch the swimmers in the river. There is a restaurant and bar as well as adequate space for dancing and frolicking.


Rating: 1/5

Essentials: Spare tyres for your vehicles, food items and towels.

Best Thing: With a $300 entry fee, it is an affordable destination where persons can enjoy natural scenery. It is also the ideal spot for a photo shoot.

Worst Thing: Despite it’s beauty, the area is plagued by crime and violence. You go there at your own risk.

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