MP mourns for Shante

April 17, 2019
Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn
Residents of Sterling Castle Heights search for Shante tirelessly.

Member of Parliament for West Rural St Andrew Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn wept openly yesterday following the gruesome discovery of the body of Shante Skyers.

The decomposing body of the Red Hills Primary School student was found yesterday morning by members of the security forces in a section called Blue Hole in the Sterling Castle Heights community.

“I am mourning with this community, we are beside ourselves. We have a community that is totally distraught,” she said.

Yesterday, the MP had met with Shante’s family and other residents who had earlier blocked sections of the main road to protest against what they considered the lack of urgency to address the child’s disappearance.

The discovery of the body has sent shock waves throughout Sterling Castle Heights, where residents had spent the last five days searching.

Like most persons, Cuthbert-Flynn said she strongly believes that the perpetrator or perpretrators hail from the same area.

“I think the person or persons that did this cruel act live right here in this community. I want her killer to be caught and be put away for the rest of his life. This is cruel and heartless,” she said before erupting into tears again.

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