My Confession: Boyfriend threw me out in my birthday suit

August 16, 2019

STAR, several months ago, I met a nice gentleman in a store and we exchanged numbers. I had recently divorced, so I was looking for male friends.

Our telephone conversations were really exciting, so I didn’t hesitate when he invited me out on a date. Turns out, he was also divorced and his children lived with his ex-wife.

Mi say the man was really charming and I remember when I got home, I prayed and thanked God for sending me my new love, who was quite the opposite of my disgusting ex-husband. Anyway, after dating for less than three weeks, he invited me to spend the night at his apartment and mi nah tell nuh lie, mi did feel good when the nice Range Rover come pick mi up inna mi Kingston 11 community.

STAR, mi reach the man place and him take off mi clothes and we were ready to get down to business and that is when the real animal in him came out.

Believe it or not, he had no interest in my vagina and was literally trying to force himself round di ‘back part’.

I wasn’t going to have it, so mi start fight him off and the next ting mi know, the man go in the kitchen for a knife and tell mi I had to do it.

Mi start scream and fight him back, and him stop and say him a give mi an ultimatum. Him say it’s either mi do it or leave.

So mi say mi will leave, and the man just haul mi and push mi thru the door naked and say mi must go through the gate before him let out him pitbull dem on mi.

Is a security car that was patrolling the area carry mi home. I am still so ashamed.

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