I think my boyfriend is gay

July 12, 2019

STAR, I think my boyfriend may be gay but then again, I may be judging him wrongfully.

We have been together for little more than a year but he is not working. Instead, he devotes his life to football. What bothers me is the relationship that he has with his coach.

Mi say the man come home with all iPhone X and say is the coach buy it. Every week he comes home with a new suit and sneakers, saying his coach get barrel and give him things.

What is really strange is that he has never introduced me to his coach. Even if I turn up at any of his games, he would act like he doesn’t know me; and I remember on one ocassion, I thought we were going to go home together, but he went in the front seat of his coach’s car and left me to take the bus by myself.

Let me speed up the story a bit. Last month, when he was sleeping, I peeked into his phone and STAR, there were images of his coach’s penis in his phone.

They were sent through his WhatsApp messages. I instantly woke him up and confronted him about it, and the man get mad and say him can’t believe mi a call him ‘fish’.

According to him, the coach a look one a him sistren and she say she waan see him penis size, so him send him the pictures of it so he could show her.

STAR mi waan run him, but mi love him and him a take God off the cross say him is a straight man.

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