Mr Easy makes a musical ‘guarantee’

October 23, 2020
Mr Easy
Mr Easy

Popular reggae and dancehall artiste Mr Easy has sparked an international buzz with his latest single, Guarantee.

Notably, the festive song just scored a supercharged remix by leading UK producer Lord Kimo, renowned for his dance and electronic music productions.

"My goal as an artiste is to make timeless music everyone can enjoy," says Mr Easy. "I believe that Guarantee is a relatable song that will gain even greater traction and reach with the Lord Kimo remix."

The single, produced by T Lab Studios/King Dreamz Entertainment, connected with core audiences and sent shockwaves upon its release this summer.

Guarantee is the lead single from Mr Easy's forthcoming Legendary album. The nine-track effort will showcase his versatility, delving into genre such as Afrobeats, 'foundation reggae', and dancehall. Legendary is set for a late November release.

As a teen, Mr Easy migrated to New York from Trelawny, Jamaica, bringing with him a love of reggae and dancehall music and culture, which has served as a creative driving force since his '90s debut.

He delivered a string of memorable songs in the late '90s, such as Funny Man (Joyride rhythm), Man Ah Say a Who (Rae Rae rhythm) and Haters and Fools (Bug rhythm).

But it was the massive Drive Me Crazy (Buy Out rhythm) that catapulted him to mainstream status.

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