Cosmic Elite has big dreams

October 23, 2020
Cosmic Elite
Cosmic Elite

As he recalled being introduced to dancing, which he would later turn into a full-blown career, one could hear the joy in the voice of Andre 'Cosmic Elite' Madden.

He was only nine years old and was continuously taken to dance competitions by a family friend named Althea.

It was there that he fell in love with the art form and his confidence grew, eventually deciding dancing was what he wanted to do.

Today, Cosmic Elite, 33, is the leader of the Elite Team dance crew, and has big dreams of one day owning his dance and recording studio.

"These dance competitions that Althea used to take me to (instil) in me the confidence to pursue dance with everything in me. I knew then when I decided that I wanted to be a dancer that I would be the best at it and I would one day become famous," he said. "When I made that decision, honestly, my mother didn't think it was a practical career choice. She thought it wasn't very realistic, but she would still financially and emotionally support my dreams, and that gave me, even more, drive to do this."

Cosmic Elite said that he has come a far way but still has much more work to do.

"I would love to teach youths all over the world reggae and dancehall moves in a fun, enjoyable way. I want to have my own dance studio. I am also a recording artiste, and so I also want my own space to do that," he said.

Cosmic Elite said the support of a select few, including established dancer Keiva Di Diva, keeps him going on rough days.

"Having Keiva in my life, being a day one supporter means the world to me. She put an extra battery in my back that only further pushed me into my greatness. Keiva is the best. I was honoured to have met her," he said.

Cosmic Elite and Elite Team say they are responsible for dances such as the Badda Wave, Shooter and Dancing Man, and are looking to 'buss' a brand new move called Jabba Jabba.

"The new dance move is full of swag, style and fun. We are hoping to release the song and the video by the end of this month on all platforms. We are hoping everyone will have as much fun with this dance as we have had creating it," he said. "The dance and song (have) an authentic dancehall vibe, and I feel like people will gravitate to that. So just look out for it and enjoy."

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