Cham not surprised by ‘Tun Up’ revival - Says expectations were always high for eight-year-old collaboration

September 29, 2020
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

Veteran dancehall deejay Cham is currently triumphing the use of one of his past productions.

Major Lazer has combined its signature EDM sound with the Afrobeats sound of Nigerian megastar Mr Eazi, which fuses the Jamaican reggae classic Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Black Uhuru, Tony Kelly's Buy Out rhythm, and Cham's single Tun Up. The result is a new track titled Oh My Gawd.

Nicki Minaj, who is featured on the track, entwines lyrics that were originally performed by singer O, who, at the time, was known as the Cham's lady love.

Oh My Gawd is the first single from Mr Eazi's Something Else EP slated for release in October. Cham (known as Baby Cham until 2005) described the track as a celebration of genius.

Help our music

"Whatever it takes to help our music to move forward is always a great look. It is the first time Tun Up has been sampled, that I am aware of, by a major act. It's not that I was surprised by it either because it is just one of those tracks that lasts out of Jamaica, uniquely done, so one could expect other people to use it somewhere down the line," he said.

Cham noted that the track did very well after its release, and it remains part of his performance set even though it is eight years old.

"It was one of the biggest songs of the time when the slang gained popularity. Then again, after an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills on Bravo TV, aired where they were playing it at a party, it took on a different light in the American market," he said.

Cham said that the influence Jamaican genres have on the world always provides a door to entertainers to tap into other markets.

"Reggae and dancehall have always been very influential throughout the world because our music has a unique flavour and sound that when artistes of other genres tap into it, their music gains a wider appeal, and the same goes for when we tap into their music," he said. O said that when Cham informed her of the single's renewed popularity, she was excited that an international artiste, better yet Nicki Minaj, would be using her lyrics.

"It felt good to me. Whenever an international artiste samples any reggae or dancehall track, to me it means that the song is a classic," she said.

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