Buffalo Souljah and Starface team up on ‘Family’

September 29, 2020
Buffalo Souljah
Buffalo Souljah

African dancehall artiste Buffalo Souljah is hoping to make a breakthrough on local shores.

An avid fan of Jamaican music, his latest single, Family, features dancehall artiste Starface. The single was produced by Jerome Elvie and is featured on the Gold Leaf rhythm.

In a media release, Buffalo Souljah spoke about, among other things, his adoration for Jamaican music.

"From me was a youth, Zimbabwe was always a reggae country even before Bob Marley came to perform there. Zimbabweans always related to reggae because of the liberation and struggle heard on songs by Peter Tosh, The Wailers, and others," said Buffalo Souljah. "My father was a musician, and he introduced me to reggae when I was a youngster. I used to listen to people like Yellowman, Dennis Brown, and Shabba Ranks. The late Jamaican selector Jah B was one of the persons who introduced a lot of us to Jamaican music through his sound-clash events."

Family is his second collaboration with producer Elvie. They teamed up earlier this year for the song No Man is Bigger than God, which was featured on the Porus rhythm.

Buffalo Souljah spoke about collaborating with Starface. "It was a great feeling considering her vibrant energy and melodies. I am an artiste known for similar energies, melodies, and consciousness on my songs," said Buffalo Souljah. Starface was also upbeat about the collaboration.

"I have a really strong bond with my family. Knowing the things I want to do for my family, maybe this is one of the reasons why I love this song," said Starface. "It was a good feeling working with Buffalo Souljah. I enjoyed working with him because the chemistry and the connection felt so real."

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