Don Quell wants to cool the fire on dancehall

March 26, 2020
Don Quell prays hard for a chance to show the people his potential.
Don Quell prays hard for a chance to show the people his potential.
Don Quell prays hard for a chance to show the people his potential.
Don Quell prays hard for a chance to show the people his potential.
Don Quell
Don Quell

Although he celebrates his birthday on April 1, Westmoreland-born Don Quell is certainly no fool. A performer in the making, the recording artiste said he wants to be the change dancehall needs in order to 'cool the fire' that the genre has endured for years.

"One of my major concerns entering the dancehall space was the way persons interpreted the music and I want to shine a brighter light on it, so that it's not always under that fire," he said.

The soon-to-be 25-year-old started recording almost seven years ago. Like his father, Don Quell's given name is James Brown. He would grow to learn that he had a name to live up to as James Brown is one of the most iconic funk and soul singers.

Speaking about the 'Godfather of Soul', Don Quell said, "He influences me in a sense that he was an entertainer who always be himself as he danced and performed for the people and me like that."

As for his stage name Don Quell, it developed from using the word 'quell' (meaning to calm or extinguish) as his signature cue until persons began hailing him like that.

"I guess we can say the name grew on me because people loved the slang or the fact that I used quell so me seh yuh know wah, me a go just use Don Quell," he said.

"Aside from changing the views and teaching people through music, I would like to become a producer in the long run; owning my own label and creating other businesses through my music career where Don Quell becomes a brand."

Great rhythms

He has recorded with Devin Di Dakta on a track titled Cross Road as well as Pamputtae on Digg It and desires to work with many more artistes, and producers in the industry including Shabdon, Romeich Entertainment and Not Nice.

Don Quell told THE STAR, "The ones I've mentioned have some great rhythms, mix music properly and they are serious with their work which can be heard in their music. And I don't specialise, so I will work with any producer once they have that same serious energy."

He recorded on Usain Bolt's Olympe Rose Riddim and the track earned close to 10,000 likes on YouTube, doing better than some of his other releases.

"Every single released pushes my career further, while I didn't get the recognition I was looking for it actually had an impact. The unique thing about my music is the way I arrange my lyrics - different and catchy - and it plays with the mind of the listeners. People can visualise what I say and I will continue to remember who I am, my purpose, and stay focused on making an impression," he said.

Releases: Classick, Ready, Fight, Hot Coppa, Up and Thankful and Inside.

Inspirations: "Day to day life and trying to become a better man to do something to uplift myself and people around me."

Interesting Fact: "I am a lover of books, or reading in general and dogs. I may not be a dancer but I love to dance and not many persons know that."

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