Dancers need to unite – Orville Hall

March 24, 2020
Orville Hall
Orville Hall

Veteran dancer-choreographer-lecturer Orville Hall doesn't believe that the limitations that dancers are facing are necessarily caused by a lack of avenues or platforms to create a stable income.

He points a finger instead at 'segregation'.

"Over the last 10 years, dancehall dance has garnered international recognition, and as dancers, we are very segregated. But in light of the situation that the coronavirus pandemic has presented us, many are realising 'everything I am doing for myself, now I find myself alone'," Hall told THE STAR.

He said that there have been several occasions when he has attempted to bring dancers together in a space to discuss the need for a formal group.

"When an organisation is formed, it is for these types of crisis. Say if a dancer falls on hard times or is injured, he or she can call on the organisation. We have lost a sense of community but must remember with everything we are doing, we have to think for tomorrow," he said.

He suggested that for dancers, "if you do certain things for yourself, when you gone, it gone with you".

"But if you do it for a greater collective, it is the start of a legacy," he said. "We fail to understand that we are stronger as a unit. Government institutions are not listening to any one person, but an organisation, or a representative from an organisation, will be heard. That's what we need."

Hall, who is also the director of Dance Xpressionz, said that he will not stop trying to get the dance community together to create that formal body.

"Money can't buy life. Now is the time to be wise. For those dancers having classes still, once there is a rule in place and it is observed to run the business, that is, if we adhere to the rules within the law and not act in irresponsible ways, then by all means. If 25 persons show up today, tell them you're teaching 15 today and 10 tomorrow and take precautionary measures," he said.

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