Guidance teams with dancers for new single

February 27, 2020

Reggae singer Guidance has joined forces with dancers Boysie and Energy for a popular dance song called ' Logo Boss' that has been triggering creative dance videos shared on social media this month.

"Everybody is saying that this can be the hottest song in Jamaica because of the flavour and vibes inna the song ... everybody loves the flair and the energy, foreigners ah dance to it on social media already. The dancers were very inventive with the dance move, as they remix Bogle dances with some new moves and it hot in the streets, people ah talk," Guidance said.

Logo Boss was officially released on Kerron's Records earlier this month. Engineer Niko Wayne built the high-energy beat which drives the song.

"Big up to all the Internet radio stations, the rural sound systems who ah support it, and everybody else who ah send crazy video on social media, dancing to the song," said Guidance.

They have already shot a video for the project, which will be released soon.

Guidance is also getting a buzz with Success, which has received much love on radio and in the parties as well.

"Boom Boom, Hotta Rice and Milo play it at Day Rave and at events like Weddy Weddy, Whappingz Thursdays, Boom Sundays and Boasy Tuesdays. Both the songs Success and Logo Boss ah get crazy play," he said.

Guidance, who is known for the single, Love What You Got, is looking forward to shows in Europe this summer.

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